The term AI ( artificial intelligence) was coined by McCarthy in year 1956. AI ( artificial intelligence) means the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.

We can learn about AI ( artificial intelligence ) by dividing into two parts Artificial and Intelligence.

Firstly we will talk about artificial which means the things that are not pre-made or are not natural. The things that are made by humans are called artificial. Some basic examples of artificial things are computer program, car, bulb, gramophone, and all things that are made by humans.

Secondly we will discuss about Intelligence which means the ability to think, learn and understand. The ability to do something is known as Intelligence. Some common examples of Intelligence are the ability to find new ideas, Discover new things and many more things.

When the words Artificial and Intelligence, we get a new world AI ( artificial intelligence ). It is a broad area of computer science. It makes machines that seems like they have human intelligence. The main aim of AI ( artificial intelligence )  is to mimic human.

For example, you have an Alexa from which you are asking from it to order anything or brose anything, you are actually interacting with AI ( artificial intelligence ) without realising it. It is designed like this, so that you cannot realise that their is a machine.

Here is a book that you can read to know more about Artificial Intelligence.


Uses of AI ( artificial intelligence ) are given below : 

• It is used in making machines, robots, websites, apps, etc.

• They are used in making systems that can function intelligently and independently.

• They are used in making machines that help to make new machines faster than humans.

• It has also used in making the app Google Assistant.

• AI is used in making video games. One of the famous game made using Artificial Intelligence is F.E.A.R.

• It is used in making application such as Facebook, twitter, etc to remove misleading posts, tweets, etc.

• It is used in marketing online some famous example of Artificial Intelligence used in marketing online are websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, etc. Which help them to sell more and more product and increase their revenue.

• It is used in space exploration by different space research teams. For example Nasa is using AI in making a new robo which will be going to red planet or Mars and explore it. It will be launched in the year 2020.

• Artificial Intelligence can be used in making self- driving cars. Which could move from one place to other without driving it. It could himself drive. It has a lot of sensors like motion detection, Night detection, etc. If you want to read more about self-driving cars. Click here.

There are Thre Stages of AI ( artificial intelligence ) Weak AI,  Strong AI and Super AI.

Firstly we will discuss Stage 1 : weak AI : It is used by us in our day-to-day life. It is also known as ANI ( Artificial Narrow Intelligence). They just perform a set of pre- defined functions. Some examples of weak AI are Google search engine, Alexa, automatic cars, Sophia, Asimo, etc.

Secondly we will talk about Stage 2 : Strong AI : It is also known as AGI ( Artificial General Intelligence). It is not yet made and we think it will be developed in future. There are no examples of strong AI.

Thirdly will talk about Stage 3 : ASI ( Artificial Super Intelligence) : It is not made yet but it could be made in future is told by Scientists. It would be more powerful, faster and intelligent than humans. It can think independently and intelligently and can make new robots. It could be a threat for humans is told by many famous scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, etc. There are no examples of ASI.

There are many robots that are made on the basis of weak AI.

One of best and famous female robot is  Sophia which is made on the basis of AI by humans. It can talk with humans very easily and can entertainment anyone. It can sing a song, and can do all basic things. If you want to read more. Click here.

One of the famous robot developed by Honda company is Asimo who cannot speak but he can hear us and can do the basic works at home. He is small in height. If you want to read more. Click here.

Altas is a robot developed by American robotics. It is developed by us defence advanced research projects agency. It is a humanoid robot. It 1.8 meter tall ( 6 ft). It can give a backflip. It can walk on any type of surface. It can also drive a vehicle. If you want to read more. Click here.

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