Is Time Travel possible or not ? Time Machine Some old Time Travel Stories

      Is Time Travel possible or not ? 

According to physics Time travel is possible only in future not in past. Some theories prove that Time travel is possible using hypothetical machine or device. One of famous theory introduced is the Special Theory of Relativity. It was introduced by the famous scientist Albert Einstein. Under this theory, An object or vehicle moving at High speed carrying a clock inside it appears to be slow down of the time in clock. As the speed increases the time slows down. He introduced a formula using which we can find that how much speed is needed to travel a limited years. The formula is E= mc². This is the phenomenon of nature. It has no value at that time. As, there was no High-speed moving vehicle to test the formula. Time travel is only possible in future not past with the available technology. It would be developed in future.

After 40-50 years later when Albert Einstein introduced the formula, the scientists have done an experiment. At that time aeroplane has been made. They took two atomic clocks which were the most accurate clock at that time. One they kept at the land and another they kept in aeroplane and they told the pilot to travel. After the aeroplane came they calculated the time and the speed with the help of Albert Einstein's formula. They find that the clock kept in aeroplane was 5 minutes fast than the clock kept at land. It was accurate as calculated with the Albert Einstein's formula that is E= mc². I will provide you the video below it.

Time Machine

Time Machine could be a hypothetical device, Vehicle or Machine that can enable us to travel in future or past in certain seconds. H. G. Wells introduced The idea of Time Machine through the novel of 1895 named "The Time Machine".  The term "Time Machine" was coined by H. G. Wells. It was introduced in America and it was not famous and known as a stupid thing. As, it was widely recognised as the concept philosophy and fiction at that time.

Now, I will tell you about some old story of time travel. One of the famous story of Hindu mythology was about the king Raivatae Kakudmi who travels to heaven to meet the creator of the world Lord Brahma. When he returned to earth, he was surprised knowing that many ages have been passed. It is mentioned in the famous Indian book "Mahabharata".

The another famous tale is about the famous story of "Urashima Taro" of Japan. He is a fisherman who visits an undersea palace, when he was fishing in the sea. After three days in palace undersea, he returned to his village and he finds himself that 300 years have been passed and he was in future. His family has been died and his village was in ruin.

One another story of time travel has been happened during the shooting of Charlie Champion movie. One woman has been caught in the camera taking a smartphone like object and holding near her ears and walking. This was noticed after many years ago the movie released. At that time the radio also was as big as a vehicle. The people think that what she was holding in her hand and people think that she was a time traveller. I will also provide you the video below it.

According to Scientists, there are many ways by which we can travel in future. These are given below :

• We can travel in future by making a hypothetical device or vehicle which can travel at very high speed. The speed should be as faster as the light year. The light year is known as the time taken by the sunlight to reach earth's surface. Sunlight takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach earth's surface. It is the problem of our technology. The speed of light is 3,00,000 km or 3 lakh km in one second.

• Another way is to travel around a wormhole or take a round around a black hole. As it is impossible with our available technology. We   have to develop a machine that could take a round of black hole without entering in it. As blackhole is rotating very fast. This could help us to go many years in future.

There are some examples by which you will know that we are exactly a time traveller. There are as follows :

• When we are traveling in aeroplane, we are traveling in time. As the speed of aeroplane is not too much, we are only traveling 4-5 minutes in future which we cannot realise. You can check that, when you enter in aeroplane, you close the auto time update option in your phone. When you will reach at airport you can check the difference of time. There will be the difference of certain minutes.

• The astronauts who live in the rokets in space move very fast and hense when they came back on earth they see that there they have lived seven months and here on earth 2 years have been passed. They travel in future when they travel in rokets. The rokets are moving at very high speed.

• The satellites which we use for various communications such as GPS, Radio broadcasting, Television broadcasting, etc are revolving around earth at very High speed. There times are regularly updated with the Times on earth. As, the satellites are going in future.

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