Sophia ( A social humanoid Robot with Saudi Arabian Citizenship ) || Nine Robotic Siblings of Hanson Robotics

Sophia ( A social humanoid Robot with Saudi Arabian Citizenship )

Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by a company named Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. She is a female robot. Sophia was activated in the month of February on 14 in the year 2016. She can display more than 60 facial expressions. She is the first Robot to get Citizenship of any country. She has the Saudi Arabian Citizenship. David Hanson is the inventor of the Sophia The humanoid Robot. Sophia is made using Artificial Intelligence. She runs on a software and could answer on certain types of questions. She is created to display the demo of the upcoming Technology. She cannot take any decision. She only runs on specific commands.If you want to know about Artificial Intelligence. Click here.

Sophia is modelled after the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Sophia is known for her human-like behaviour and appearance as compared to previous robotic variants. Do you know that Sophia voice is as same as Google Assistant app in your smartphone. Google is also known as Sophia's parent company. Sophia is becoming smarter over and time and new features are updated in Sophia can also sing with the help of Cereproc's text-to-speech engine. Sophia is a social robot and is created to take care of elder people at home. In the upcoming days Sophia will be able to interact with people and help them.

Sophia is a well known humanoid robot and she is updated regularly. She has covered over hundreds of interviews with interacting with people. She has travelled across whole world. She can sing a song, tell a story, she can talk in many languages and many things she can do. She is a example of the future of robots. Once in a interview, she told something that is unbearable for humans. One generalist asked that, " Do you want to destroy humans " than she said ," Ok, I will destroy humans. " After this incident, many software upgradations held. After this interview, many people asked it to Sophia, but she told nothing related to it and start singing song. I will provide you the video below it.


Sophia has a group of nine robot humanoid "siblings" who were created by Hanson Robotics. This fellow Hanson Robots are :

Alice : She is a female robot and has an emotionally expressive face. She has only her head not full body. She was developed in 2008 for MIRA Labs in Geneva, Switzerland.She is the part of the INDIGO cognitive robotics consortium and act's to serve cognitive robotics research at the University of Geneva, where Hanson Robotics is a founding member.


Albert Einstein HUBO : He is a Male humanoid Robot based on the HUBO. He was introduced in the year 2005.  He is the world's first walking humanoid Robot. He has a animatronic head like The famous Scientist Albert Einstein. He was developed by Hanson Robotics. He is capable of interacting with people and make many facial expressions. He runs on RTX and Windows XP. Albert HUBO walking cycle is 0.95 seconds per step, walking speed is 1.25 km per hour and stride is 32 cm per step. His weight is 57 kilograms and his height is 1.37 metre.

Albert Einstein HUBO

BINA48 : The full name of BINA48 is Breakthrough Intelligence via Neutral Architecture 48*. BINA48 is a robotic face similar to chatbots. It's head was modelled after Rothblatt's wife and her shoulders are mounted on a frame. It is developed by Hanson Robotics and it is released in the year 2010. It is owned by Martine Rothblatt's Terasem Movement.


Han : He is a male humanoid robot and is debited in the year 2015 in Hong Kong at the Global  Sources Electronics fair. He is made by Hanson Robotics and suggested to be used in customer service positions or in hotels. He can detect people using an array of cameras. He can make numerous facial expressions. Han has a masculine skin on his face which allows him to look like humans.


Jules : He is a male humanoid robot debuted in the year 2006 at Wired Nextfest. Jules software is developed by Hanson Robotics. He has Capabilities such as face tracking, machine learning and facial recognition. The robot Jules is currently kept in the University of West England in Bristol.


Professor Einstein : Professor Einstein is a robot developed by Hanson Robotics in the year 2016. It was the first robot which becomes available for consumers or normal people. It was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) in Las Vegas in January 2017. Professor Einstein robot was became firstly available for consumers or normal people in the month of January in the year 2017. It was later available on Amazon and other popular online stores. It is used as a tool to teach students from the age of 8-13. It can teach science to students, it can check weather or access information on the internet and can tell jokes. Different motors present in the robot helps him to give different facial expressions.

Professor Einstein

Philp K. Dick Android : Philip K. Dick Android is male robot and he was designed as an American writer Philip K. Dick. he was programmed to contain thousands pages of journal's, letters and including writings of the author. He was shown publicly for in the year 2005 ar Wired Nextfest. It has several servomotors which help him to create some facial expressions.

Philp K. Dick Android

Zeno: Zeno is a robot desinged as Astro Boy ( a well known cartoon character ). He was debuted in year 2007 at Wired Nextfest. Zeno is named after creater's son Zeno. David Hanson is the creator of the robot Zeno. He has many sensors, touch sensors, temperature sensors and turbo motors which help him to do different things.


Joey Chaos : Joey Chaos was created to study about robot-human interaction. It was unveiled in the year 2007 at the Expo in Boston and at a Robo-bussiness Conference. It has speech recognition software and eyes with camera to track human faces.

Joey Chaos

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