What will happen if anyone have stolen our sun from our solar system ?

What will happen if anyone have stolen our sun from our solar system ?

Hey Friends, Did you have ever thought that, what will happen if anyone have stolen our sun from our solar system ? This is a very curious question. You should think about it.   I Aman Singh welcomes you to my blog Wonder World. Let's not waste time and start telling you about that what will happen if anyone have stolen the sun from our solar system ?

Think that some aliens have came to our solar system and they have the technology with that they can take our sun. They are taking our sun from our solar system to their Solar system with a very powerful machine. Did you know that sun's gravity holds all the planets and ke eps them moving  in our solar system. When there will be no sun our all planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will be stop moving and would be displaced anywhere in the space.

Everything is normal on the Earth and sun can be seen in the sky because no one is knowing that the sun has been stolen from our solar system . It's because the sun's light takes 8 minutes 20 seconds to reach earth's surface. 9 minutes have been passed now, suddenly the sky becomes black and the stars start appearing in the sky. Moon is not appearing in the sky because you know that the moon does not have its own light and reflects sunlight. As their is no sun, their is no sunlight. The different planets are also not appearing in the sky because they are revolving in the space anywhere. The plants are becoming weak because they cannot produce oxygen. The oxygen is produced with the process of photosynthesis which requires sunlight. No one is knowing that what has happened.

Now, 1 hour has been passed and whole world is not knowing that what is happening. The area where is night has also got informed that the day one area is also night. The temperature is decreasing time-to-time. The atmosphere is becoming colder. The core present inside the earth is making earth's temperature not much colder.

At present, 24 hours have been passed. Everyone is waiting for sun to rise. Government cannot do anything, because it is not in humans hand. The temperature has now decreased to 8° celcius. The plants and animals have became weak with the changing temperature. But, one place is their where no changes have occurred. The place is sea where the aquatic animals have no idea that what is happening out of the sea. They see no changes occurring. Some heat is present inside the earth atmosphere because it has the capacity to store heat and prevent earth from being freezed. But, it stores heat for maximum 3-4 days.

Now, 7 days has been passed. The temperature has decreased to -20° celcius. At 0° celcius temperature, water freezes and becomes ice. Water is not available in liquid form. They have became ice.

Television, internet, etc are not working because satellites are out of charge. They are charging with the help of solar panels which works on the sunlight. As there is no sun, the satellites are not charged and are not working. They are used for 5-6 days with the help of thier charged batteries. There is no electricity present on earth because the dam water from which we are producing electricity has been freezed. Some electricity is left in areas where electricity is produced by different ways. But, it will also vanish soon.

The plants are dieing. Because they make food with the help of a process known as photosynthesis. As we know, the process of photosynthesis requires sunlight. The smartphones are not working because there is no electricity. The animals are also dieing because they eat plants to survive. Some rich people in this seven days have constructed a basement to survive in this cold climate.Government has also constructed a basement for poor people to survive. All people are living in a group.

The all days are night and there is no sense of time because all the time it is night and the stars are appearing in the sky. Earth is moving in the space and have came to an unknown place.

At this time, 1 month has been passed and the temperature is about -40° celcius. The whole earth is freezed. Almost all animals have been died and all plants have been died. Some plants are living because they are capable in living in very cold climate. Almost all the aquatic animals have been died because the sea and water resources have been freezed. Too much Carbon dioxide is present in atmosphere because there is no tree which can produce oxygen and purify air.  One place is there where is life, it is ocean near any volcano. There the water is in liquid form and the aquatic animals are alive there.

At present, 1 year has been passed and the temperature is about -90° celcius. Almost all the water sources are freezed. The volcano also is now freezed. One area is there where water is in liquid form, it is deep sea which gets heat from earth's core. All people are going to North and South pole where they can survive with the help of some heat from the earth's core. All the animals and plants have been died. All buildings has a thick layer of ice on it.

Now,  1000 years have been passed and the temperature is about -200° celcius. All the living beings have been died. Their is almost no oxygen available on earth. All the humans have been died or freezed. The earth's core is also now freezed. Our earth will be hit by a big asteroid and everything will be destroyed or earth will be caught by a black hole and everything will be destroyed. If it will not happen than, the earth would be moving in the space for thousands of years.

Wait! Wait! Friends, It will not happen. The sun would never be stolen. It is not easy to take a very big star or sun. I am telling this you to make you understand the importance of sun. Without it we cannot survive. It has also got the place of god in some countries and are worshipped.

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