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Hello Students, I welcome you to my website Computer Science. Here you can learn Python for free. Hey students, I am not talking about the python snake, I am talking about the programming language Python. Before reading this article, you have watched many videos related to python on YouTube or anywhere, but they all were useless, but now this website will not be useless for you. The videos you have watched were too hard to understand, because you are a beginner not an expert. Now, In this Article I will try to use as simple words as I could. You have seen that different teachers have taught you Python by videos, but I will taught you by articles. Did you know that reading is more powerful while studying than listening. As, when we listen we did not give more attention. But, when we read our whole attention is on studying. I hope you will like it. If you want the updates of  you can comment your email I'd in the comment box. This is chapter 1.

What is Python ?

Generally students, what do you think about python ? You think that it is a high-level programming language. Yes, you are correct. It is a high- level programming language.  It is the easiest programming language in the world. It is developed by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1989. He was trying to make a language that would be beautiful to look out and easier that everyone could read. The language at that time did not became famous at it was low as compared to other languages. Now, with the rise of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence python has became an important programming language. As, it is to use and more productive than other language. Python is mainly used by Hackers. I hope you understand that what is Python. If you have any question or query, you can comment in the comment box. Now we move to next topic.

Why Python is so much popular  ?

Now, we will discuss that why python is so much popular as compared to any other  programming language.  It's easy syntax and high-level features makes it the best language to start programming. It is used by the Beginners as well as expert programmers. The main reason is that, Python is an open-source computer language which means python is free for anybody to use. Everyday thousands of new users join python as it is easy and free to use. Another main reason is that it, it can be used to make almost anything like Gui applications, Web applications, mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Algorithms, etc. There are many modules present which help the programmers to program easily. These are the reasons which makes python popular among other programming languages.

What are the main Features of Python ?

Features makes a language attractive and that is what python is made up of. Now let us see some of the main features of python. These are given below:

• One of the well-known feature of python is simplicity. Python has different modules which had made cody simple or easy.

• The next important feature is that it is an open-source language, which means it is free for anybody to use. Any changes in the language can be done without any problem.

• Python supports portability, which means you can write your code and can share it with anyone you want to and it would work the same way as it does for you. This makes millions of projects and systems much more easier. 

• The next important feature of Python is embedding properties. There are chances that certain languages may perform certain functions better than python but this will not stop you from doing that. As, python supports adding codes of other languages to itself to perform those functions, which python more powerful than other programming languages.

• The next feature is interpretation. Python is interpreted line by line which means the management of memory, cpu, and debugging of the code much more simple. If you wonder that you could start coding with python, you are correct. As, it is the easiest programming language.

• Python has huge libraries support which will help you to obtain solutions of your questions much more easily. You can get started with data science, web development, etc with the help of python.

• You have questions that how developers made apps that are so well related to their domains that is because of object oriented concepts. Python supports opps which means that you can model a real-world problementier of code and have security such that the axis to them is restricted which helps you to replicate real world scenarios.

Now, we know about some of the famous features of python.

Where is Python used in the Industry ?

Here is the list of top companies which use python:

• Google is the most known tech-giant which uses python to provide better search features to its users.

• Dropbox is a cloud platform to save data online. It's client and server applications both are coded using python.

• Netflix uses Machine learning with python to learn the taste of its users, cluster them into groups and recommend them shows.

• The national security agency uses python for cyber security analysis and for the encryption and decryption purposes.

• Nasa scientists uses python for calculations, which reduces time and makes work easy.

Career Opportunities in Python

These are the career opportunities in python:

• Web development and frameworks can be done using Django.

• Game development can be done using python.

• Big data analysis can be done by studying python.

• Web testing can be done using python like finding bugs in web applications, reporting them and earning money.

• Data science Engineer, Machine learning Engineer and artificial intelligence are the fields you can enter by learning python.

• You can make smart devices using python.

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